Crystal growth equipment

Rostox-N offers modern equipment for growing oxide crystals (including sapphire).

The equipment is manufactured in cooperation with our partner FSUE EZAN.


Automated system for sapphire single crystal growing by Kiropulos method - NIKA-M60

 The system NIKA-M60 allows growing sapphire crystals up to 70 kg. A distinctive features of the machine are the direct high-precision weighting of the crystal, the precision control of the heater power, the mass measurement and control of the crystallizataion rate, the measurement of heat losses through structural components (using these data to optimize the crystallization process) as well as the video control and temperature measurement in the beginning of the crystal growing process.


  • Melting temperature, 0С 
  • up to 2200   
  • Crucible dimensions (diameter x height), mm 
  • 300 х 450 
  • Crystal mass, kg 
  • 70 
  • Range of weight sensor measurement, kg  
  • up to 72
  • Sensitivity of weight sensor, g  
  • not less than 1,0  
  • Rate of rod movement, mm/h:  
  •  from 0,1 to 3600
  • Rate of rod rotation, rpm  
  • from 1 to 20 
  • Rod operational stroke, mm  
  • 200 
  • Heating method 
  • resistive  
  • Installed power, kW  
  • 100 
  • Frequency, Hz  
  • 50 
  • Limit vacuum in growth vessel, Torr   
  • 1,5х10-5  
  • Cooling water flow rate, m3/h 
  • not less than 7 
  • Cooling water pressure, kPa 
  • not less than 200




    NIKA series automated crystal growing machines is the key element of crystal Rostox-N growing technology.  

    The crystal growing system NIKA-Profile developed by Rostox-N jointly with EZAN is designed for industrial production of shaped sapphire crystals by EFG/Stepanov method. The equipment is built on the basis of the up-to-date mechanics and electronics, distributed systems for data acquisition and processing. High-stable IGBT converter with output power  of up to 100 kW provides the induction heating of a hot zone. The automated process control system provides through automation of the process inclding automatic seeding. The program module of the technological data collection and processing after a crystal growth allows effective optimization of technological processes.


    Nika-Profile General View




    Crystal Growing Unit

    • Melting temperature:  up to 2200О С
    • Crucible diameter:  up to 250 mm
    • Crystal weight:  up to 5 / 10 kg
    • Weight sensor range: up to 5 / 10 kg
    • Weight sensor sensitivity:  min 0.02 / 0.04 g
    • Inert gas pressure in chamber:  max. 1,5x105Pa

    Transistor (IGBT) Converter.

    • Type of converter: transistor (IGBT)
    • Max output power: 100 kW
    • Output frequency   5 - 20 kHz
    • Output voltage: 0 – 450 V
    • Coefficient of efficiency: > 0,95
    • Output power control range: 1 - 100 кW (0.0015 kW step)
    • Output power stability: +/- 0,05%

     Adaptive Automated Control System (ACS)

    The adaptive (self-adjusting) ACS provides the control and stability through the whole growth process including the seeding. The significant advantage of the ACS is availability of several classes of automatic regulators, such as self-adjusting PID-regulator, incremental regulator, self-adjusting predictor-corrector which, as the practice has shown, provides for the best quality of a crystal shape control.




    Automated Multifunction system for single crystal growth by Czochralski method (Nika-3) produced by EZAN



    The multifunctional system NIKA-3 is intended for growth of a wide range of refractory oxide single crystals by the Czochralski method, such as sapphire, yttrium aluminum garnet, lithium tantalate, lithium niobate, gadolinium molybdate, langasite, vanadates of rare-earth metals, bismuth silicate, bismuth germinate and many other.

    NIKA-3 was developed with account of the operating experience of previous generation equipment, recommendations of our customers, natural progress of technical characteristics of the component parts and software.